Imagine that you were writing a modern version of The Canterbury Tales. List five people or types of people you would choose to represent a cross-section of your community.

Answer; To represent my community, I would write about a high school student, an artist, a firefighter, a teacher, and a grandparent.

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  • You could always go with whatever person you see in your own society, that you think represents a different type of community. You can go with a lawyer, and how they are corporate and greedy, or a doctor, to show how much they care, and save lives on a daily basis, orĀ  a soldier, who fights and risks his life every day for his country, or a student, that is just trying to get up in the world by educating himself, or even a parent, that is trying to raise their kid right.
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    You can also use




    people with different professions

    people of different ages

    people with different backgrounds