The increase in life expectancy over the last fifty years is linked to improvements in medical and other technologies. Write four to six sentences that identify how these breakthroughs have helped us live longer and healthier lives.

Use examples from the lesson to illustrate your argument.

2 Answer

  • Why are we living longer now? Well during the Industrial revolution we made a significant reduction in the amount of deaths by increasing in food production and distribution, improving public health (mainly water and sanitation), and as for medical technology, we made vaccines and antibiotics. Modern medicine prospers every day, being able to cure almost any disease. Because of all of this we gradually started living longer. Back in 1950, life expectancy was 68.2 years old. Nowadays, that number has risen to 79.12 years old and is expected to increase up to 83.9 years old by the year 2050.
  • The major advancements in medical fields like,vaccination, anesthesia, germ theory, insulin etc and other technical advancements like,robotic surgery, VR/AR etc has lead to increased life expectancy.

    What is life expectancy?

    Life expectancy is a statistical method to calculate the average  number of years an organism will live, depending upon his age, gender, health and other demographic indicators.

    Various advancements in medical and other technologies has increased the life expectancy at its various levels, including life expectancy at birth. Vaccination, use of anesthesia, germ theory, robotic surgeries, cancer chemo therapies etc have increased life expectancy.

    Thus, all the above points proves that life expectancy has been greatly improves by medical advancements and improved technology over last fifty years.

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