A plant manager is ordering supplies for a week. He needs 36 m3 of fluid to run two shifts. Each tank holds 36 m3 of fluid. If he plans to run 9 shifts, how many tanks will he need?

2 Answer

  • Does this question have the following choices?
    A) 9 tanks 
    B) 4 tanks 
    C) 36 tanks 
    D) 4.5 tanks

    If so, then the answer would be letter D. 

     one tank has 36 m3 of fluid, which covers 2 shifts. 

     Divide the number of shifts needed  by the number shifts each tank fills 

    9 shifts needed ÷ 2 shifts each tank fills

    = 4.5

  • 4.5 Tanks, assuming you got it from USATESTPREP since that's what i got