two reasons the South seceded from the Union. (Make sure one is a political reason and the other is an economical reason). Use evidence from FOUR DOCUMENTS in the paragraphs. Support your response with relevant facts, examples, and details.

2 Answer

  • I can't give you the text evidence seeing as I don't have the document, but I can aid you in 2 reason with the criteria.

    One economical reason the south seceded from the Union, was for lowered taxes, being less federal based and more state based. This in their eyes would hypothetically improve their economy, we can only assume that it could have happened because they never actually succeeded. 

    A political reason was states rights, the south wanted law passing and taxes, and the decision to keep or abolish slavery to be in the hands of the state not the head of the government. If the majority of the states congress was to vote for or against a law, then the majority should win in that state. Therefor passing the law or vetoing it.

  • But anyway one economical reason is because they were losing money by shutting down slavery a political reason is because they thought that the north had more voice than them when abraham lincoln became president.