Social Studies


5. What types of health conditions are considered serious and, therefore, warrant medical care in a prison setting? Name three

2 Answer

  • Mental Illness ( suicide attempt or trying to kill others, depression )

    HIV ( can be too easily spread through blood contact and sharing drug needles)

    I could think of only two.

  • Answer:

    1.-Chronic conditions for example asthma, parkinson’s disease or metabolic syndrome conditions that put the patient at risk for heart disease and diabetes.

    2. Long-term conditions or those that had created a permanent damage for example a terminal disease like AIDS or some sorts of severe strokes.

    3.Conditions that would require several treatments and recovery time from those, for example cancer or cases of severe arthritis.


    Inmates have the right to receive medical health care for conditions requiring to visit a health care provider periodically such as epilepsy, diabetes or other serious health conditions, including several degrees of an injury or illness (either physical or mental). Honoring as well the Eighth Amendment on the Constitution that prohibits “cruel and unusual punishment”.