Nominate a historical figure as "Most Influential Person of the 20th Century." Discuss two or three acccomplishments that set this person apart from all other candidates?

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  • Martin Luther King

    - The voice of the Civil Rights

    - He was the main man in America who believed racism, segregation, and hatred could be dealt with nonviolently.

    Mother Teresa

    - became a nun
    - made herself poor to help the poor in places like India

    President John F Kennedy

    - was the youngest president America ever had

    - Was president during the height of the Cold War

    President Franklin Roosevelt

    - was president during The Great Depression and World War 2

    - had polio during his presidency ( was restrained to a wheelchair)

    - Started the New Deal to repair America as a country

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  • Answer:

    Mahatma Gandhi


    There is no correct or incorrect answer for this question, as many characters could be considered the most influential of the century. I propose Gandhi, for these two reasons:

    1. Gandhi was the most influential character in the fight for the independence of India. This was significant not only because it brought freedom and political participation to one of the largest and most populous countries in the world, but also because it significantly weakened the British empire, the superpower at the time.

    2. Gandhi was also well-known because of his approach to political change: peaceful protest and civil disobedience. This influenced a series of thinkers and actors throughout the century, such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela.