1.) Great amounts of electromagnetic energy from our sun and other bodies in space travel through space. Which is a logical conclusion about these electromagnetic waves?

Their energy must be very low.

Their frequency must be very low.

Their wavelengths must be very short.

They can travel without a medium.

2.) The electromagnetic spectrum includes all electromagnetic waves, from radio waves with long wavelengths and low frequencies to gamma rays with short wavelengths and high frequencies. Which statement best describes how fast these waves travel in a vacuum?

Gamma rays travel much faster than others because they have the highest frequencies.

High-frequency waves travel somewhat faster than low-frequency waves.

All electromagnetic waves travel at the same speed.

Infrared waves travel faster than ultraviolet waves.

3.)When being exposed to the sun for long periods of time, your body may absorb small amounts of ultraviolet radiation. One way to reduce your exposure and absorption of ultraviolet radiation would be to wear UV-blocking sunscreen.



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