Chapter 13 1. The point of the statement in the first paragraph, “The public is despotic… to its generosity” is to
a. Argue that the public will eventually see reason
b. Assert that the public upholds certain rights for its citizens
c. Suggest that the public can be won over by a humble approach
d. Emphasize that the public commonly faces complex dilemmas
e. Refute the idea that the public is mercurial I chose C 2. In light of the line in the 2nd paragraph, “nay, more… good deeds since,” the clause which precedes it “Individuals… Frailty” would best be characterized as
a. A hyperbole b. A metaphor c. An allusion d. An understatement e. A paradox I chose D 3. How does the speaker characterize the difference between “the rulers” (beginning of paragraph 2) and the “individuals in private life” (middle of paragraph 2)
a. The rulers are more constrained in their thinking
b. The rulers are wiser in their judgments c. The rulers are more prejudiced toward sinners d. The rulers are less compassionate in their responses
e. The rulers are more benevolent toward those in need
I chose C 4. Which of the following phrases could best be substituted for the phrase “it would have kept her” to make the meaning more explicit?
a. It had the power to keep her b. It would likely have kept her c. It would have kept Hester d. It was thought it would have kept her e. It was known to have kept her I chose B 5. Which of the following best describes the words “Love,” “Passion,” and “Affection” as they are used ?
a. Allusions to the father of Hester’s child b. Euphemisms for emotions forbidden by the community
c. Ambiguous references to Hester’s contemporaries d. Exaggerations of her lover’s feelings for Hester
e. Personifications of abstractions now denied Hester
I chose E 6.The phrase “to effect” most nearly means a. To have an impact upon b. To assume the appearance of c. To alter d. To bring about e. To be caused by It's either C 7. “The sword” in the phrase “Men of the sword” (paragraph 4) is an example of
a. simile b. analogy c. metaphor d. metonymy e. euphemism I chose C 8. The narrator uses the terms “deadlier crime,” “ shadowy guests,” and “perilous as demons” ( end of paragraph 4) to emphasize
I. the community’s fear of free speculation II. Hester’s fear of the community’s censure III. Hester’s continued rebellion against the community’s standards.
a. I only b. I and II only c. I and III only d. II and III only e. I, II, and III For this I choose C Chapter 16 of the scarlet letter The narrator hints in the first paragraph that A.Hester's sin is not unique in the community B.The minister is concerned about causing a scandal
c.Any interference from Chillingworth would be cleverly concealed
D.The minister's reputation has begun to suffer. E.Hester knows that she and the minister will not truly have privacy outdoors
I choose E The subject of the main clause in the sentence beginning "But, partly that she dreaded...." is
a.She b.Heart c.the minister and she d. they e. Hester I chose E In the context of the paragraph, Hester would most likely describe Pearl as
A. Inquisitive and morose B. rebellious and spiteful C. Imaginative and compassionate D. Creative and obedient E. Enigmatic and energetic I chose E The antecedent of "this" in "There was no other attribute that so much impressed her with a sense of new and untransmitted vigor in Pearl’s nature, as this never-failing vivacity of spirits; she had not the disease of sadness, which almost all children, in these latter days, inherit, with the scrofula, from the troubles of their ancestors. Perhaps this too was a disease, and but the reflex of the wild energy with which Hester had fought against her sorrows, before Pearl’s birth."
A.Vigor B.Vivacity C.Sadness D.Scrofula E.Troubles I choose C In the contest, the word"wanted" in "She wanted—what some people want throughout life—a grief that should deeply touch her, and thus humanize and make her capable of sympathy." is understood to mean
A.lacked B.needed C.sought D.Desired E. Longed for I chose D This sentence "But there was time enough yet for little Pearl!" is most likely an example of
A.Allusion B.Antithesis C.Foreshadowing D,Irony E,Symbolism I say that it is C Please check my answers

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