Which are produced when HCl reacts with Ca(OH)2?
A) Cl2, H3, and CaO
B) CaCl and H3O CaO,
C) Cl2, and H2O
D) CaCl2 and H2O

2 Answer

  • The product when HCl reacts with Ca(OH)2 is

    CaCl2 and H2O (answer D)

    that is Ca(OH)2 + HCl → CaCl2 + H2O

    strong Base and strong acid react to form salt and water Ca(OH)2 is a base which react with HCl an acid to form CaCL2 a salt plus water (H2O)

  • When HCl and Ca(OH)₂ reacts, the products obtained are CaCl₂ and H₂O (option D). Details below

    What is a chemical equation?

    Chemical equations are representations of chemical reactions using symbols and formula of the reactants and products.

    The reactants are located on the left side while the products are located on the right side.

    Reactants —> Products

    The balancing of chemical equations follows the law of conservation of matter which states that matter can neither be created nor destroyed during a chemical reaction but can be transferred from one form to another.

    How to write the balanced equation

    When HCl and Ca(OH)₂ react, the reaction proceeds as follow:

    2HCl + Ca(OH)₂ —> CaCl₂ + 2H₂O

    Thus, the products obtained are CaCl₂  and H₂O

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