Unlike children , adolescents can consider the problem of chronic hunger around the world , which enables adolescents to think about hunger beyond themselves?

A. emotional control

B. abstract thinking

C. impulse control

D. reasoning skills

2 Answer

  • I believe the answer is B, abstract thinking
  • Answer:

    B. abstract thinking.


    The correct should be abstract thinking, because this refers to the ability of thinking about things that are not present. This ability is not fully develop on children but on adolescents.

    Abstract thinkers are interest in not concrete things and situation, like spiritual subjects, or every issue that only can be work out mentally, like thinking about others situations on another part of the world.

    In addition, abstraction is the mental operation to have abstract thinking. Abstraction is like generalise concepts that are deducted by specific and literal principles, ideas and definitions. For example, being aware of the chronic all around the world, we maybe cannot directly see it, by we can have an abstract approach to it.