A man stands on a balcony 140 feet up and sees a bus stop at a 75 degree angle How far is the bus stop to the man in nearest feet

1 Answer

  • Using trigonometric ratio, the distance of the bus top to the man is 38 feet.

    What is a right angle triangle?

    A right angle triangle has one of its angles as 90 degrees. The sides and angles can be found using trigonometric ratios.

    Therefore, the opposite side of the triangle is 140 feet.

    The distance of the man to the bus top is the adjacent side of the triangle formed.

    tan 75 = opposite / adjacent

    tan 75 = 140 / a

    a = 140 / tan 75

    a = 140 / 3.73205080757

    a = 37.5335120643

    a = 38 feet

    Therefore, the distance from the man to the bus top is 38 ft.

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