_________ invested in barrels and warehouses to store oil.
A. Cornelius Vanderbilt
B. Andrew Carnegie
C. Henry Clay Frick
D. John D. Rockefeller

2 Answer

  • The answer will be D.
    That person was rich because of the oil industry, so it's also likely that he invested on things to store oil.
  • Answer: D. John D. Rockefeller.


    Rockefeller (1839-1937) was deemed as one of the Captains of Industry.

    In 1863 he started his career in the oil industry as a refiner, using his own savings. By 1870, he had founded the Standard Oil Company and was starting to purchase oil refineries in Ohio. He would even buy workshops that manufactured the barrels to store oil and warehouses to stock the barrels. All of his businesses were joined in the Standard Oil Trust of 1882.