Write the plural command in Spanish that means 'get up

1 Answer

  •  plural to "get up": 

    we: nos levantamos 
    you (several people): levantaros (normal form) 
    you (several people): levántense (polite form) 

    plural to "write to me" 

    you (several people): escribidme (normal form) 
    you (several people): escríbanme (polite) 

    plural to "look at the paper" 

    you (several): mirad el papel / leed el papel (normal) 
    you (several): miren el papel / lean el papel (polite) 

    plural to "do the hw" 

    you (several): haced los deberes (normal) 
    you (several): hagan los deberes (polite) 

    I don't know if that's what where you looking for. but i hope this help you