When Meriden made a cake she used a recipe calling for 3/4 cup of sugar. She was planning to make a huge cake for a family get-together, which means that she was going to triple the recipe (three times the ingredients). How much sugar will she need?

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  • 3/4 x 3 would be 9/4 which is also 2 and 1/4 cups :)
  • Answer:

    9/4 cup of sugar.

    Step-by-step explanation:

    It has been given that

    3/4 cup of sugar is needed to make a cake.

    Now, she has decided to make a huge cup which needs to triple amount of ingredients that she needs in a single cake.

    Therefore, in order to make the huge cake of her family she needs three times of 3/4 cup of sugar.



    Therefore, she needs 9/4 cup of sugar.