I need six adaptations that help some humans survive longer than other humans.

1 Answer

  • I'm assuming adaptations is in reference to natural selection / the genetics of a specific person, so here are some examples;
    1.) In Africa, those who are carriers of the sickle cell anemia allele are resistant to Malaria, which is a huge killer in that climate
    2.) In areas of higher sun exposure, those with darker skin have skin that is suited to absorb less Vitamin D, and be less sensitive to sun radiation
    3.) In areas of lower sun exposure, those with lighter skin can more easily get Vitamin D from sunlight 
    4.) Some people have certain proteins / CCR5 deletion (of a specific gene) that make them resistant to HIV
    5.) Wide hips for women make it more likely (before c-sections and medical science) for a woman to have a healthy childbirth
    6.) Those who are colorblind (your basic red-green colorblind) can see more shades of other colors (specifically khaki colors), which may have helped those who were colorblind to hunt / forage for food