Amir’s coin collection consisted of 150 coins in November. By the following June, his collection had grown to 174 coins. By how much did his collection increase between November and June? A. 9% B. 14% C. 16% D. 24%

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  • Amir started with 150 coins and by the following June, his collection increased to 174 coins. An easy way to find the answer is to divide his new amount of coins by his original amount of coins.

    174 / 150 = 1.16

    Now turn the decimal into a percent. To do this, move the decimal points two to the right.

    1.16 = 116%

    We can rephrase this as 100% + 16%

    The 100% part is the original amount of coins Amir had to begin with and the 16% is his increase.

    So, the answer to this question would be C. 16%.
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