Complete the following statements with the appropriate form of gustar.

A mí me_____las verduras y las frutas .
A Juan le _____estudiar español .
A Luis y a mí nos_______la comida de México .

2 Answer

  • A no me GUSTA las verduras y las frutas.

    A Juan le GUSTA estudiar español.

    A Luis y a mi nos GUSTAN la comida de México.
  • The appropriate forms of gustar for the given sentences are:

    • Gusta.
    • Gusta.
    • Gustan.

    Which forms of "Gusta" are appropriate?

    The first sentence talks about the preference of a single person so the correct form is "gusta" which is a singular.

    Juan's name is mentioned so "gusta" is still appropriate as it represents a singular person.

    The last sentence talks about two people so "gustan" is appropriate.

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