A suggestion of what will happen after the story is usually included in which part of the story?



Falling action

Rising action

2 Answer

  • resolution would be your answer
  • The suggestion is included in the resolution part of the story because this is the point at which all problems are resolved and the story comes to a close. So, option (A) or (i) is the correct answer.

    What part does resolution plays in the story?

    The plot of a story comes to an end with the resolution. The resolve, often known as the denouement, is a "literary phrase" for the final narrative points that occur after the climax and falling action of a novel.

    A resolution is a "moment or combination" of scenes near the end of a story that ties the narrative arc together.

    The conclusion of a story is the point at which the problem is resolved and the characters live happily ever after.

    The following are the stages of a tale:

    1. Exposition: when the author sets the scene for the story;

    2. Rising action: tensions begin to rise;

    3. Climax: a pivotal moment;

    4. Falling action: things begin to settle down and work out;

    5. Resolution: The conflict is now over, and the future can begin.

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