describe the two-state solution with respect to Isreal and palestine. what are the prospects for success?

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  • The so called two-state solution is a proposition of a solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. The idea is of "having two States for two different groups of people." The two-state solution intends to create an independent State of Palestine next to the State of Israel, in the west of the Jordan River. The biggest problems is how to divide both countries, since the boundary between the two states is still subject to troubling arguments and disputes. The Palestinian and Arab leadership insist on the "1967 borders", has not been accepted by Israel.

    As long as the problem of the boarders are not solved regarding Jerusalem, the Two State Solution will not be the one to solve the problem

  • The two-state solution with respect to Palestine is such that there will be two nations in Palestine - Nation of Israel and an Independent Nation of Palestine.

    Two-State Solution in Palestine

    • It is hoped that this plan will bring peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians.
    • It involves dividing Palestine into Israel an Palestine.

    There are two main reasons this agreement is being held up and these are that the Palestinians want a return to the borders before 1967 when Israel won the Six Days war. There is also concern over who will get Jerusalem.

    In conclusion, the prospects for success are bleak on account of these two factors.

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