Write “345 ants per 23 square inches” as a unit rate. Round to the hundredths place, if necessary. A. 15 ants per square inch B. 345 ants per square inch C. 17.25 ants per square inch D. 7935 ants per square inch

2 Answer

  • your Right Answer is A. 15 Ants Per Square inch.
  • Answer:

    Option A - 15 ants per square inch.        

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Given : Expression “345 ants per 23 square inches”.

    To find : Write expression as a unit rate?

    Solution :

    The given expression says that,

    23 square inches has 345 ants.

    So, In 1 square inches the number of ants are

    1 square inches has [tex]\frac{345}{23}=15[/tex] ants.

    So, As a unit rate 15 ants per square inch.

    Therefore, Option A is correct.