RAMONA: O.K., here's a question. Did she really love him? Or did she just stay with him for the money? HAN: Well, the way Tim Johnson wrote the book made it seem like May was so in love with him that she'd put up with anything. A. Asking a forced-choice question B. Asking questions to keep things moving C. Asking a rhetorical question D. Asking research questions to generate leads

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  • I would think a because the question is making you want to find out the answer to the question
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    B. Asking questions to keep things moving.


    When we are writing about another text, it is not always obvious what direction we should be following. There are often many layers and details in a text that are worth investigating, and sometimes it can be difficult to pursue them all. Therefore, a good strategy to employ is to ask questions to keep things moving. Through this method, you will force yourself to think about the text deeply, and you might notice things you had not noticed before.