Just before the jury declares their verdict, Scout realizes they’ve lost when _____.
A) Atticus lowers his head
B) the jury refuses to look at Tom
C) Jem becomes upset
D) Reverent Sykes stands

2 Answer

  • Its when the jury refuses to look at tom I think
  • Answer: B) the jury refuses to look at Tom.

    As the courthouse waits for the verdict, Scout is already making some conclusions of her own. She tells us that the courthouse feels cold and empty, even though it is full of people. She gets shivers even though it is the middle of the summer. This feeling of desertion is meant to highlight the lack of sympathy and the cruelty that surrounds the trial. Right before the verdict is read, Scout notices that the jury refuses to look at Tom. All of this is meant to prepare the reader for the conclusion that Scout eventually reaches: they've most likely lost.