What method did Germany's totalitarian government use to spread Hitler's beliefs?
A) School books were rewritten to reflect the racial views of the Nazi party.
B) Hitler launched worker education programs to train not Aryan people
C) Women were encouraged to attend the university and study Nazi beliefs
D) Hitler banned traditional German mix in favor of Nazi ideology

2 Answer

  • I believe the answer is A because when they would rewrite the books it would of also kind of brainwash the people.
  • During the reign of the Nazi Party, Hitler used all available means to carry out propaganda. One of the more effective methods was the education of the youth with completely or almost completely falsified school books, which is done by a whole team of people. The fact that among all the professions, the largest percentage was among the teachers who became members of Nazi Party, which enabled the easy implementation of falsified school books. Although not only in education, this false history was used everywhere and created a propaganda machine.

    The answer is: A)