A spinner is divided into nine equal sections numbered 1 through 9. Predict how many times out of 270 spins the spinner is most likely to stop on an odd number. Question 1 options: 70 150 200 240
Rowan has a bag containing 20 marbles. The table below shows the number of marbles of each color in the bag. As part of a probability experiment for his math class, Rowan randomly picks a marble from the bag and then replaces it. He repeats this 200 times. Predict the number of times out of 200 Rowan will pick a blue marble. Question 2 options: 5 50 135 150 Save Question 3 (3 points)
Question 3 Saved Harvey’s teacher assigns classroom jobs by having students pick job tickets out of a box. There are 21 tickets for Line Leader, 11 tickets for Paper Passer and 18 tickets for Board Cleaner. If Harvey randomly selects a ticket from the box, what is the probability that he will pull out a ticket for Line Leader? Question 3 options: 1/21 17/21 1/50 21/50 Save Question 4 (3 points)
Question 4 Unsaved Which event has a probability of one? Question 4 options: Choosing a letter from the alphabet that is a vowel Choosing a number that is greater than one and is even Choosing a set of parallel lines on a polygon Choosing a square that is also a rectangle Save Question 5 (3 points) Question 5 Unsaved A six-sided number cube has faces with the numbers 1 through 6 marked on it. What is the probability that a number less than 2 will occur on one toss of the number cube? Question 5 options: 1/6 2/6 3/6 4/6 Save Question 6 (3 points) Question 6 Unsaved A set of five quadrilaterals consists of a square, a rhombus, a rectangle, a trapezoid, and a parallelogram. Sally selects one of these figures at random. What is the probability that only one pair of the figure’s opposite sides are parallel? Question 6 options: 1/5 3/5 4/5 2/5 Save Question 7 (3 points) Question 7 Saved Maelee’s Book Store has received a shipment of books. The table below shows the number of each type of book in the shipment. Maelee selects a book at random from the shipment. What is the probability that she chooses a children’s picture book? Question 7 options: 1/4 1/9 9/30 9/21 Save Question 8 (3 points) Question 8 Unsaved The faces of a cube are numbered from 1 to 6. If the cube is rolled once, which outcome is most likely to occur? Question 8 options: rolling an odd number rolling an even number rolling a number less than 4 rolling a number greater than 1 Save Question 9 (3 points) Question 9 Unsaved The spinner below is divided into twelve equal regions and is spun once. What is the probability of not getting red? Question 9 options: 1/12 6/12 7/12 5/12 Save Question 10 (3 points) Question 10 Unsaved Based on Robert’s baseball statistics, the probability that he will get a hit is 3/4. If Robert is at bat 40 times, how many times will he most likely get a hit? Question 10 options: 12 30 34 38 Save Question 11 (3 points) Question 11 Unsaved Buzz spins the arrow on a spinner with 5 equal sections labeled A, B, C, D, and E. Then, he rolls a 6-sided number cube with sides numbered 1 through 6. What is the probability that the arrow will stop on the letter D and the number cube will show an even number? Question 11 options: 1/11 4/6 3/30 4/30 Save Question 12 (3 points) Question 12 Unsaved A bag contains 60 marbles. The marbles are described below. There are exactly 10 yellow marbles in the bag. Of the marbles in the bag, 1/5 are red. Of the marbles in the bag, 20% are green. The rest of the marbles in the bag are blue. A marble is selected at random from the bag. Which outcome is most likely? Question 12 options: A blue marble is selected. A red marble is selected. A green marble is selected. A yellow marble is selected.\

1 Answer

  • Question 1: 150

    Question 2: 50

    Question 3: 58% chance

    Question 4: Choosing a set of parallel side on a polygon.

    Question 5: 1/6

    Question 6: 1/5

    Question 7: ?

    Question 8: Rolling a number greater than 1

    Question 9: 1/12

    Question 10: 30

    Question 11: ?

    Question 12: A green marble is selected.

    Hope I helped I tried as much as possible.