How does atticus advice to scout (put yourself in their shoes) come full circle in chapter 31? (from to kill a mockingbird)

2 Answer

  • Well in Chapter 31, Scout has walked Boo back to the Radley's place, boo walks inside and she just stands there,

    she turns around to look at her neighborhood

    Her neighborhood from 'His' point of view

    Jem and Scout had always been iffy about Boo Radley and thought he was a monster... But of course readers will later find that Boo is Surely the Hero of the story...
    Atticus' was right after all, you'll never know or understand a person until you've placed yourself in their shoes, Scout standing in the threshold of the Radley place and looking out at the street is the embodiment of the words of Atticus
  • In this chapter the advice that Atticus gave to Scout came into full circle because she finally understood what she was told earlier as she stood on the porch to put her self in people's shoes.

    What is the to kill a mockingbird story about?

    This is a story about the young lady Scout who is trying all she can to relate to her father.

    Her father has been accused of defending a person that stood accused of a serious crime.

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