Which of the following sets of coordinates are for the city of Antananarivo?

A. 25° S, 32° E

B. 18° S, 47° E

C. 13° S, 33° E

D. 22° S, 17° E

2 Answer

  • It's B, if your rounding.
  • Answer:

    The correct answer is B. The city of Antananarivo is located on the 18° S, 47° E coordinates.


    Antananarivo, located on the coordinates 18° S, 47° E, is the capital and with 1.816.000 inhabitants also by far the largest city in Madagascar. The administrative seat of the province Antananarivo lies at an altitude of up to 1435 m above sea level in the central mountain area of the island. Antananarivo is the geographic, administrative and industrial center of the country.