Each hemisphere of the brain specializes in assisting various functions of the body T/F

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    The brain is the organ in which the activity of the nervous system is centralized. Although its parts are connected, brain functions are usually divided into different areas.

    Left and right hemispheres

    The cerebral cortex is a thin and folded layer. First, the brain is divided into two cerebral hemispheres, the left and right, which in turn are divided into 4 lobes.

    The right part is related to the nonverbal expression. For example, intuition or recognition of faces, voices, melodies. In this hemisphere, thoughts and memories are manifested through images.

    If the left hemisphere is impaired, the person will find it difficult to speak and write. He will also have trouble expressing himself and understanding the language. The functions are the capacity of analysis, logical reasoning, resolution of numerical problems, among others.