Which statement best tells how the underlined words in the paragraph are related?

Its trunk is one of an elephant's distinctive body parts. With this prominent feature, the elephant can smell water from a great distance. It also uses it to suck up the water it needs. One type of elephant can use two finger-like parts at the end of its trunk for picking up things. Baby elephants have to learn to use their trunks, which grow longer soon after birth. Sometimes baby elephants even tread on their trunks when they walk.

Both are words that tell how the elephant's trunk stands out and is special.

Both are words that tell what the elephant can do with its trunk.

Both are words that tell how much the elephant uses its trunk when it is young.

Both are words that tell what the elephant's trunk looks like

the underlined words are distinctive and prominent

1 Answer

  • The best answer is A because distinctive and prominent both similarly mean "important." 

    B won't work because although the paragraph does go on to tell the readers what the trunk does, the two words themselves doesn't tell the readers anything about the usage of the trunk.

    C won't work because the elephants not only use their trunks when they're young, but also as they get older. 

    D won't work because the words doesn't tell readers what the trunk looks like. The words aren't really descriptive words.