Define the following terms and use each in a sentence related to the topic.
- curvilinear
- form

2 Answer

  • Curvilinear- adjective¬†
    definition: contained by or consisting of a curved line(s).sentence: Some roof companies will recommend curvilinear roofs instead of straight line roofs.

    Form- noun
    definition: the visible shape or configuration of an object or thing
    sentence: The form of the ball if round and circular, while the form of the block is square and rectangular. 
  • Curvilinear refers to something that's related to a curve line while form is the way in which something appears.

    Curvilinear is something that consists of curved lines or bounded by curved lines. Using "curvilinear" in a sentence will be "The students were standing in a curvilinear line.

    Form refers to the way in which a particular thing appears or exists. It can also be the shape of a particular thing. Using "form" in a sentence will be "The form of the wood is rectangular.

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