The Berlin blockade was intended to bring East Germany,West Berlin,West Germany,East Berlin under control of the Soviet Union.

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  • The Soviet Union wanted to spread its communist ideologies. By creating the Berlin Wall, Soviet Union prevented the possible escaping attempts that may have occurred by the civilians that were under control. The United States tried to prevent the spreading of communism by sending aid to countries that were in need. This performance was known as the Marshall Plan. In the end, Soviet Union was brought down because it was not as superior as the United States became. I hope this summed up an answer for you!
  • The Soviets tried to block Berlin off from the rest of the world in order to take over West Berlin.

    The Berlin Blockade

    • The Soviet Union blocked all access into Berlin.
    • This meant that West Berlin was cut off from Allies who governed and fed it.

    As a result, there was a Berlin Airlift which succeeded in bringing supplies into Berlin thereby allowing residents to survive. The Soviets had hoped they would be able to take over all of Berlin but failed.

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