A high school coach wants to buy new athletic shorts for the 15 members of the basketball team. The coach must spend less than $200 on the shorts. Which inequality represents how many pairs of shorts, s, the coach can buy?

2 Answer

  • you could spend no more then 13.33 on each player

  • Answer:

    The required inequality is [tex]15s<200[/tex].

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Consider the provided information.

    Let s be the cost of each short.

    Shorts price for 15 members of the basketball team is 15s.

    The budget is $200 and he have 15 members.

    Now, use the less than sign as coach can spend less than $200.

    Therefore, the inequality is [tex]15s<200[/tex]

    It can be further solve to find the cost of each shorts:




    The coach may spend up to $13.33 per pair of shorts.

    Therefore, the required inequality is [tex]15s<200[/tex].