3. The coating on the head of a match is highly flammable. When it burns, it releases a great deal of energy. However, before the match can burn, it must gain a small amount of energy from a spark. That spark is typically produced by striking (rubbing) the match head against a rough surface. Sketch and describe a potential energy diagram that represents the striking and burning of the match. Remember to label the diagram with the energy changes that occur. Your answer must include the potential energy diagram and a written description. (Note: you do not have to use actual energy values.)

1 Answer

  • Ok here's a rough image of how a typical energy diagram works.  You give a little energy (A) and you get the potential that was in there all along.  Kinda like pushing a big rock off a cliff.  You do a little work then get a lot of energy out as the PE turns into other forms.  In a match it's heat and light