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should gaming be considered as a sport? Why or why not? (Your opinion) Please have a good aurgumant.

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  • I honestly think that gaming could actually be a sport, but obviously not in the physical standpoint, more of the mental standpoint. Games can develop peoples minds into making quick decisions, analyzing situations, and problem solving. If you think about it, chess is a sport now and it encompasses just about all of those things too. You start to have to get into the flow of things, and you have to be quick on your feet with your ideas and with what will do what. It also works on a memory aspect of certain things, because you have to remember a lot of stuff off the top of your head, in order to move quickly and efficiently through the game(s). Then, when you are competing against other people, those abilities may possibly become intensified, which then would increase your involvement in the game, and that could then increase your heart rate and your body would be pumping blood a bit faster.   So basically, in a way, gaming can actually be good for you and your health.
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    Gaming should be considered a sport


    Competitive gaming should be recognized as a sport because each team has a sponsor. The sponsors pay for all associated costs of the player’s gaming including, but not limited to, plane tickets, hotel rooms, and food.