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Japanese help please!
This is a listening project, so I could have misheard some of these. Just answer the best you can. I'll give bonus points in a separate question to whoever actually tries.

If you can't answer all of them, that's fine, but try to at least answer half.

Please respond to the following in complete sentences:

Onakaga suitei masuka

motoga kawaitein masuka (I definitely misheard this one)

gyunyu ga suki desuka (I know I heard this one right)

kohi(o? u?) yoku nomi masuka

asa(g? b?)u han wa nani wo tabemasuka

hirugu han wa nani wo tabemasuka

bangu han wa nani wo tabemasuka

bangu han wa nanji ni tabemasuka

2 Answer

  • The first one is "Are you hungry"

    The 2nd one is "Do you have anything diligent?"

    The 3rd one is "Do you like cuby tons?"

    The forth one is "Would you like it often?"

    The rest I have o idea lol
  • I'll go by meaning, then answer. 
    1. Are you hungry?
    A: Onaka suite mas. (I am hungry.)
    2. Sorry, I can not understand the question. 
    3. Do you like milk?
    A. Iie, gyunyu suki janaidesu. (No, I do not like milk.)
    4. Do you drink coffee often?
    A. Kohi yoku nomimas. (I drink coffee often.)
    5. What do you eat for breakfast?
    A. Watashi wa banana tabemas. (I est bananas.)
    6. What do you eat at noon?
    A. Pasta wo tabemas. (I eat pasta.)
    7. What do you eat at night?
    A. Watashi wa McDonalds de tabemas. (I eat at McDonalds.)
    8. When do you eat dinner?
    A. Bangohan wa rokuji gurai ni tabemas. (I eat dinner at around 6.)