George made the box plots to compare the number of calories between his morning snacks and his afternoon snacks. Select from the drop-down menu to correctly complete the statement. George’s typical afternoon snack has about _______ more calories than his typical morning snack.
A. 150
B. 175
C. 225
D. 275
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2 Answer

  • the answer to this is c 225 
  • Considering the mean of the data, the typical amount of calories that the afternoon snack is more than the morning snack is: C. 225.

    What is the Median of a Data in a Box Plot?

    The data point indicated by the vertical line that divides the rectangular box in the box plot represents the median of a data.

    The median can be used to represent the typical value of a data distribution.

    In the box plot attached below:

    • Median for morning snack = 275
    • Median for afternoon snack = 400

    The difference is 400 - 275 = 225.

    This means that the typical afternoon snack (median) had about 225 calories more than the typical morning snack (option C).

    Learn more about the median of a data on: