What advantage does nuclear power have over the burning of fossil fuels? Nuclear power does not produce electricity. Nuclear power does not pollute the air. Nuclear power does not produce radioactive waste. Nuclear power does not create safety and health concerns.

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  • probation because it Radioactive in produces electricity and radioactivity promotes bad health and safety concerns
  • Advantage does nuclear power has over the burning of fossil fuels is the Nuclear power does not pollute the air.

    Further Explanations:

    Nuclear Power is the usage of nuclear reaction in which nuclear energy is altered into heat energy. The heat energy thus confined is used to move the turbine so as to create electrical energy. The power thus produced is obtained either from nuclear fusion, nuclear fission or nuclear decay. In recent days the majority of the electricity in nuclear plants is produced form Uranium and Plutonium.  

    Nuclear power has numerous uses in every many fields. In it is used in radioisotope and thermoelectric generator. The power has the lowest level of residue per unit as compared to other energy resources like coal, natural gas petroleum and hydroelectricity. These residues are the major cause increasing air pollution and accidents. It is credited that nuclear power has barred millions of death that would have occurred due to the emission of carbon dioxide from the sweltering of fossil fuel.  

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