Ruben earns $4 an hour as a cashier and $5.50 and hour as a waiter. If he works 5 days per week, how much does he earn if he works 4 hours a days as a cashier and 3 hours a day as a waiter?

1 Answer

  • well if he works for one week or 5 days every day as a cashier he works 4 hours for 4$ which means he will make 16$ everyday as a cashier. as being a waiter he works 3 hours a day for 5.50$ each hour so $5.50*3= $16.5. add 16.5 and 16 to get 32.5 is how much he makes a day. so for how many days he works multiply that by 32.5 so if he works for 1 week (5 days) he will make $162.5 every week or (5 days)

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