An African cheetah can run at speeds up to 120 kilometers per hour. What is this speed in feet per second?
I need help sorry I struggle a lot with these kinds of problems

2 Answer

  • 1 km hr is equal to 0.911344 feet per second
    120 times 0.911344 is 109.36128
    109.36128 is the approximate answer 
    The cheetah is running at a speed of 109.36128 feet per second
  • Struggling with these types of problems is only caused by a lack of knowing how simple they really are.  You set up multiplication and division so that you end up with the units you want while canceling out all of the units you do not want in the answer.  Unit labels cancel out just like numbers do...

    (120km/hr)(hr/3600s)(1000m/km)(100cm/m)(in/2.54cm)(ft/12in)≈109.36 ft/s