What is the number that follows in this sequence y-1, 2y, -2, 4y-4, 8y-8, __ ??

2 Answer

  • 16, because the pattern is to double the number each time. If you liked my answer please mark it the brainiest
  • Given the sequence, the rule appears to be 2n.
    (Y-1)2 must be distributed. The result is 2Y - 2. 2(2Y-2) = 4Y-4.
    2(4Y - 4) = 8Y - 8.
    The same rule will apply throughout the sequence.
    2(8Y-8) must be distributed. To distribute we multiply the outside number (2) by the inside numbers (8Y-8).
    (2x8Y) + (2x-8)
    16Y - 16 is our result.
    Hope this helps!