write a paragraph comparing the organelles in a cell to the organs in your body

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  • Assuming a paragraph is 4-6 sentences ill just right a 5 sentence paragraph.

    Organelles in an cell help with doing tasks to keep the cell alive and moving. Just like organs in the body, which break down food and help with keeping are bodies in shape. each organelle and a organ in a human body have certain tasks to complete. A difference is in a cell the organelle are far smaller then that of a humans organs. 
  • - An organ is a part of the body of a living being (organism) fulfilling a specific function such as the stomach, the liver, the ear ...

    Organelles "small organs" are organized parts contained in the cytoplasm of each eukaryotic cell. They have certain specialized roles to play, and they all depend on each other. The organelles act in the cell as the organs act in the body like the Golgi apparatus, the vacuoles, the plastids ... They are all components of the cell.


    * Organisms: mitochondria, nucleus, plates etc ... -> they are structures inside the cells

    * Organs: the liver, the skin, the brain, etc. -> these are groups of specialized cells that, together, provide a function in the body