Mr. Kim has a pitcher that contains 16 cups of juice. How many one-third cup servings are in 16 cups? (ONLY IF YOU KNOW)

2 Answer

  • 16 : 1/3
    16/1 x 3/1=48
    The answer is 48 one third cup servings
  • By taking the quotient between the total volume and the volume of each serving, we saw that we can make 48 servings.

    How many servings are on the pitcher?

    We know that the volume of the pitcher is 16 cups. We want to see how many servings of one-third cup can we get with that pitcher.

    To get this, we need to divide the total volume by the volume of each serving, so we get:

    N = (16 cups)/(1/3 cup) = 16*3 = 48

    So we can make 48 servings with the 16-cup pitcher.

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