Choose the word that best completes the following sentence: I spent the morning adjusting my computer to _______ its speed.


2 Answer

  • The correct answer is optimize. All of the other answers just don't make sense. 
    Hope this helps:)
  • According to the sentence, I spent the morning adjusting my computer to optimize its speed.

    What do you mean by optimization?

    The term optimization is refers to as the action that utilize the whole sources in most effective way in a given situation or circumstances.

    The term Optimize is a transitive verb that means to make a perfect and effective as possible as in order to use energy or speed accurately.

    Here, the correct option is A because the computer of individual optimize its best speed in the morning as it give more power and durability.

    Rest all options like B,C and D are incorrect because the term optimism, optimate and optimist do not fit properly in the given sentence in order to increase the speed of computer.

    Therefore, correct option is A.

    Learn more about optimization, refer to the link: