Which is an example of an analogy

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  • First we have to know what an analogy is. An analogy is a comparison between 2 things

    Ex- swords is to warrior as pen is to a writer
  • Answer:

    Analogy is a similarity between things that are not intrinsically similar. It is used when one wants to make a point. An example of an analogy is the following one:

    Kiko Loureiro, Megadeth's lead guitarrist, explained on a recent video why he did not keep in touch with the members of Angra's original line-up right after they departed and Angra recorded a new album with three new members (Angra was Kiko's previous band). Kiko used an analogy:

    "I did not keep in touch with them because I did not want the new guys to feel insecure. It is the same when you start a new relationship: if you keep in touch with your ex-girlfriend, the current one will feel insecure, and she will probably leave you."