What are four ways bacteria can help people and one way they are detrimental? 15 points to whoever answers it.

2 Answer

  • 1.helps u fight disease
    2.helps digest food you dairy product such as yogurt(which is made from bacteria)
    4.can be used as antibiotics

    Detrimental-Food that is not properly stored begins to rot due to bacteria.
  • if you want a non-copy pasted answer: Bacteria in the intestinal tract helps us digest food; the production of cheeses, yogurts, sausage, etc. depend on bacteria as well as fermenting bacteria in order to help them achieve their finished states; bacterial infections in the human body often relies on 'harmless' bacteria to fight against the harmful bacteria; they are used in the manufacturing of antibiotics (such as Pseudomonas, antibacterial, etc.). However, they can also be detrimental, including bacteria found in untreated water, which can result in sever harm to the digestive tract, local plant-life, and can cause flu-like symptoms upon ingestion.