Does anyone know numbers 2-4?
Does anyone know numbers 2-4?

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  • 2. It implies that along with being beautiful, America is abundant in resources as well.

    3. "From sea to shining sea" is basically a prettier way of saying "From the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific ocean," two oceans that surround America.

    4. It reflects one of many typical American ideals that it is the best place to live and that it is so independent than everyone in the world could live there.
  • 2. Both of these lines have to do with agricultural things, and food. The grain and fruit tell that America was a fertile land and growing crops provided jobs for people.
    3. "From sea to shining sea" means from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean
    4. Personally I think it reflects how great America is and how loved it is by its people
    Idk if all of these are right but I hope it helps a little bit :)