Mr. Fuller assigned his science class a lab comparing the masses of objects to the nearest gram using a balance. The mass of a paper clip is about 1 gram. How many paper clips will it take to balance the scale, if it is determined that a 1 centimeter cube of aluminum has the mass of 2.7 grams?

2 Answer

  • 2.7 Paper clips, or if rounded, 3 whole paper clips.
  • Answer:

    We know that the mass of one papper clip is 1 gram.

    now, on the other side of the balance there is a cube centimeter of aluminium, that has a mass of 2.7 grams.

    Then, if we want that the mass is equal in both sides, we must have:

    X*1g = 2.7g

    X=2.7g/1g = 2.7

    So we need 2.7 paper clips, rounded to the next whole number, 3 papper clips.