Describe the parts of a poem and include an example for line and verse stanza lime

2 Answer

  • There are a lot of parts to a poem. I'm just going to tell you everything basically.
    1. A verse, its usually means a line of poetry, for example in the 'Dust of Snow' by Robert Frost "A change of mood" is a verse.
    2. Next comes stanza, a stanza in a poem is like a paragraph in an essay. Each stanza is usually separated by some blank space. ( For an example look up Snevington Snee by Jack Prelutsky).
    3. I bet you know what a rhyme is,but just in case it is a repetition of end sounds.
    4. I dont think you'll be learning about rhyme scheme yet but it can be determine by making the same rhyming lines of the poem with a letter of the alphabet. An example would look like "Grizelda Gratz kept 60 cats (A)
    She fed them very well (B) ON angel cakes and raisin flakes (C) And acorns in a shell (B).
    5. Lastly a line in a poem is a single line or word in a poem, like "A young girl was bust working on her project for school".
  • I don't really get your question, but ill try and help...
    Poems can be either rhyme or it can also be a free stanza...