Which of the following was not a nonviolent protest campaign of Gandhi
A noncooperation movement
B the salt march
C the round table march
D quit India movement

2 Answer

  • The answer is noncooperation movement

  • C. the round table march

    From 7 September 1931 to 1 December 1931, the second Round Table Conference took place in London with the assistance of Gandhi and the members of Indian National Congress.

    At the convention, Gandhi alleged to symbolize all the people of India.

    This aspect, however, was not received by other representatives. In fact, the distinction among the various visiting organizations was one of the causes why the consequences of the second Round Table Conference were repeatedly no visible decisions concerning India's constitutional prospect.  Meantime, the civil disturbance had scattered everywhere India repeatedly, and  Gandhi was imprisoned along with other Congress members when he returned to India.