During starvation, the body’s first priority is to
A. preserve glucose-dependent tissue.
B. maintain muscle mass.
C. use the energy reserves found in triglycerides.
D. use the water reserves to hydrate the body.

2 Answer

  • A. preserve glucose-dependent tissue.

    this the correct answer. just took the test and it was correct

  • Answer: Preserve glucose dependent tissue.

    Explanation: The body preserve the glucose dependent tissue because the brain uses glucose and ketone bodies as fuel for its working.

    The glucose level in the body should not go below a certain level hence the body starts using fat derivatives.

    In prolonged starvation the brain starts using the ketone bodies for its working but it can lead to ketonuria and ketone body excretion.

    Hence, in case of starvation the body preserves the glucose-dependent tissues and shifts on other energy sources.