When the blood flows through the capillary bed, most of the plasma will return to the heart through the venules. What happens to the plasma that does not travel to the venules? It is removed by the lymphatic vessels. It is lost as heat. It returns to the arterioles. It stays in the capillary bed.

2 Answer

  • the answer is the 2nd sentence.
  • The correct answer is option A , It is removed by the lymphatic vessels

    There is loss of watery plasma in the body that creates a hyperosmotic solution within the capillaries and venules. This loss causes the blood plasma (nearly 85%) to move in backward direction into the capillaries near the venules . The remaining 15% blood plasma, move out into the lymphatic vessel through the interstitial fluid. This lymphatic fluid is similar in composition to the interstitial fluid and passes through lymph nodes before it returns to the heart via the vena cava.